A Healthy Lifestyle Seems to Be a Thing of the Past


A healthy lifestyle is a choice you make and a commitment to improving yourself. A healthy lifestyle involves making smart choices when it comes to your diet, such as eating organic food instead of food filled with additives and preservatives.

Being healthy also involves cardio exercise and strength training for one hour a day, six days a week. Living a healthy lifestyle is something you value, believe in, and commit to, not just something that happens.

We live in a world where people have become so out of touch with what really matters in life. Themselves and their own well-being. They spend all of their energy and focus on their outer financial appearance, other people, and events they cannot control. This does nothing but create stress and problems in your life.

Why is everyone so concerned with these outer “things” – the house the cars, etc., when they have nothing to show for it on the inside? What has happened to people?

Well, for one, their health is paying the price. More people are sick today than ever before. People are more stressed out than ever before. There are more cases of virtually every disease and illness than ever before. More people need to see doctors than ever before. More people are being prescribed more drugs than ever before.

It’s A Sad Question,
But Can You Fit Health Into Your Lifestyle?

If asked why they aren’t healthy many people will say that a healthy lifestyle is too expensive. When you analyze these people’s lives, however, you will find that they spend tons of money on “crap” they don’t need: their fiftieth pair of shoes, more clothes, their third car, a bigger house, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, candy bars, chips, soda etc.

Would you need those prescription drugs you are taking if you were living a healthy lifestyle? Would you need to go to the doctor for more that a routine check-up if you were healthy?

If you don’t feel great and your life is not abundant in every area you need to sit down and examine yourself. I suggest that you cut out some of the “junk” you don’t need in your life, make some changes, and put some of that time, money, and effort towards creating a better you.