Be Healthy and Fit With Popular Wii Fit Exercises


Everyone seems to agree that the fun way to be healthy and fit lies in the most popular exercises of Wii Fit. With its top rankings all over the UK and the U.S., Nintendo Wii Fit already scores so well on the gamers chart. This fitness game consistently stays in the top 10 favorite video games in practically any age bracket.

As for you, how are you scoring on Wii Fit’s game charts? As an interactive game, how well is it interacting with you in your goal to lose weight and slim down?

Wii Fit features

As a video game, Wii Fit is equipped with a standard Wii console and some motion sensor controllers. It has a gaming platform known as a Wii balance board which is sensitive to weight and pressure.

The software is designed to receive inputs on your age, weight, and height. It calculates your body mass index against your body height. With the right channels, you can even have other body tests taken.

How it works

The exciting part about Wii Fit is how you work with the variety of games it contains such as trainings on strength, balance, and aerobics. You build strength through exercises on lifts, extensions, twists, squats, and push-ups. You develop balance through favorite games like ski jump and soccer.

Aside from cardio, abdominal, and body workouts that come with aerobics, there are also yoga poses and breathing exercises now that Michaels and Pilates have come into the Wii Fit picture.

While you perform any of these exercises, the balance board sends feedback on how well your movements synchronize with the game. This is how it measures your athletic ability.

Why it works

You’ll love being motivated to exercise because you can choose a game you like to play anytime you want to. From the comforts of home, you can select your own workout environment and music to suit the mood.

There are different exercise routines in just one game, and you can always change your routine to try another workout. When you have such a selection of exercises to choose from, you don’t even have to buy a new workout DVD every time.

Two of the highlights

If we were to name two unique features which highlight Wii Fit, it would be its versatile appeal and personalized touch.
Wii Fit appeals to both men and women, and it can be enjoyed by users of all ages. With games that are perfect for family members to do separately or together, you can transform a corner of your home into your own health and fitness center.

You can also program an avatar to act as your personal coach. From this trainer, you get voiceovers like advices on exercise for you to do it right and words of encouragement for you not to give up.

It’s a virtual experience brought down to a personal level you will be most comfortable with. Don’t be a stranger to your avatar! It’s so user-friendly you won’t have to feel self-conscious and awkward doing your routines as you would in a gym full of people.

There’s no boredom and idle time at home when you have Wii Fit to keep you company. It boosts your lifestyle as well as your self-esteem. In such a high-energy environment, the only downtime is when you have to return to the menu and load the game. Why fuss over these interruptions? Use these intervals to rest and cool down. You’ll need them if you want to stay as fit as Wii Fit. Also, find more ways to stay healthy and fit with Hoodia and other natural supplements.