Cooking Tips – The ABCs Of Prime Rib Roast Cooking!


If you have spent the bucks to buy the Prime Rib you will definitely want to make the best Prime Rib Roast and will like to hone your skills to get the best out of your ingredients and time. The praise and comments will also be worth the trouble if you manage to get a good meal together. We have compiled a list of simple tips that could be used to cook a good prime rib roast.

Prime rib is one of the best cut meats we can buy and is mostly served during some festival season such as season and New Year. Many eating establishments prefer to use prime rib for their meals as this is the best quality of meat, so naturally it will cost a bit more than the normal meat, and so one mistake and a whole lot of time and money is wasted.

As the name suggests the meat comes from the rib section of the stock and the word ‘prime’ goes on to describe the quality of the meat, however, the butcher will give his own monetary meaning to the cut. Whatever, the name suggests, this part of the meat stock is rich with connective tissue and nutrients and so is the best meat to cook.

It must be borne in mind that the best and effective way of cooking prime rib roast is dry heat cooking. This technique advices one to cook the meat over a fire without covering the pot, no lid should be placed over the meat while it is cooking neither is any liquid added to the meal. Immersing the meat in some liquid will mean that you are cooking the meat in moist heat, a technique used to cook tougher meat.

Some Roasting Tips

The best way to cook prime rib roast is to slowly roast it in an oven set to 200 or 230 degrees. The time it will take to prepare at this temperature is about 25 minutes per pound of meat. This is a good way to cook if you have big vertical ovens.

Most people like to use medium heat of about 325 degrees to lower the cooking time to about 15 minutes per pound of meat.

Another popular way of cooking prime rib roast is to cook it for 15 minutes at high temperature of 450 degrees and then cook it for 20 minutes at 325 degrees. This method is referred to as “searing” by most recipe books.

If you have a meat thermometer it is advisable that you learn to use it, as it will prove a very useful tool in cooking prime rib roast dishes. It is best to remove the meat from the oven when it is about five degrees below the required temperature. This way the meat will keep cooking while it is out of the oven.