EMS and Coronavirus at Sweat22 Fitness Studio


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With the COVID-19 Pandemic lingering, here are the benefits of EMS-Training at Sweat22 Fitness Studio: 

In our SWEAT22 EMS Fitness Studio, we make sure that our members keep the recommended 2 meters distance between each other and with the trainer following the BC Health regulations and guidelines. Moreover, we disinfect every device before and after each workout, as well as any contact areas several times in a day. The changing rooms will be disinfected after each use, also we have. Our members feel safe and continue their workout routine even in Covid-19 period.

Below, you can find the most important benefits of EMS training at Sweat22 Fitness Studio:

– Maximum of 2 trainees at the same time in EMS training

-Maximum of 4 people in the studio (2 trainees, trainer, and receptionist)

– Strict conditions in terms of Hygiene

– Repeated disinfection of all contact area including change rooms

– Repeated disinfection of all Training suits and related equipment

Below, you can find our NEW NORMAL regulations which covers all WorkSafeBC safety guidelines:

-Each training slot has been extended to 45 minutes, to have the lowest occupancy level. We still kindly ask you to arrive 5 minutes before your booked session time.

-We kindly ask you to come already wearing the EMS clothing gearto avoid the use of the changing rooms and washroom.

– We will not be providing clothing gear rental or towel service during this period. If you do forget your clothing set, the only option would be to purchase a new Starter Kit.

-There is are hand-sanitizers all around the studio, we kindly ask you to use them before and after your sessions.

-Before, between and after each time slot, the team will be disinfecting all the equipment (vests, straps, water dispenser and devices), the workout space, the changing room/washroom area, and all door handles with Isopropanol and other antiviral products.

-Physical touch is kept to its minimum possible range. The trainers at Sweat22 Studio Fitness Studio are wearing masks. Protective gear is not mandatory for the users to wear during their workouts, although masks & gloves are allowed if they prefer to use.

– All Payments are done with credit or debit cards.

You are personally responsible for following all regulations set by BC health authority. Booking and attending the session, means that the trainee is accepting the risk involved during the pandemic.

During this Pandemic, here at Sweat22 Fitness Studio you can safely continue your workout routines by using EMS Training programs.

#StaySafe and Train Smart!

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