Fitness Trainer For a Healthy Redemption


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Physical fitness brings rhythm and peace in life. It becomes instrumental to the path of success and happiness. We cannot compensate physical and mental fitness with any other riches that we inherit or earn. Empowered with physical fitness, we can march ahead to reach our desired goals and enjoy buoyant life to hearts’ content.

All possessions in life turn meaningless, all relations futile, if we lose the natural agility in body, mind and spirit. Although some people may inherit the quality of fitness by birth, most of us have to put extra efforts to make and maintain it throughout life time- irrespective of any age- preferably under guideline from a fitness trainer.

In course of our education and growing social awareness linked with various performances, we apprehend the beauty and utility of sound health with sound minds. So, obviously we wish to possess fitness in every movement of life. But what becomes important is to observe how many of us could implement the knowledgee in our own life and to what extent we can do so without help from a fitness trainer.

Well, we are aware enough that we need fitness. Then, do we work for possessing fitness within ourselves? We may fancy acquiring a score of desirable traits in life; for that we need to work heart and soul. At times we determine to exercise on those traits, sometimes we even start, but due to lack of will power we fail. No doubt, a fitness instructor plays significant role to accelerate our pace to fulfill such latent desire in us.

We would have not gone to schools or colleges, were we all meant to be self educated. Likewise, a fitness trainer works as a guiding stimulant to our spirit and enthusiasm like a teacher does to a student. Further, a trainer with his expertise extends guidelines to impose things on us systematically in enjoyable fashion so much so that it becomes of more pleasure than pain.

A fitness trainer ascertains the importance of suitable activities that one must adapt step by step leading to gradual perfection at different levels- in respect of one’s individual physical stature. He will prescribe a balanced diet as well. Simple work out like swimming, jogging, running, yoga, dances, free hand exercise, etc., which otherwise look simple to perform even without a trainer’s guidance, become more fruitful when armed with appropriate instructions from a fitness trainer.

Leave aside gymnastics, games and sports, even to lead a simple life we must have fitness of body and mind. We fancy that we know how to breathe, stand, walk, sit, laugh and talk. But such simple gestures or gaits also become expressive of mannerism which reflects our fitness. Fitness trainers explain how to execute those habits and guide to develop personality as well. That is how we understand value of our body language and how they reflect on our fitness.

People fallen prey to obesity or malnutrition might feel life as a burden, devoid of hope and certitude; they start considering themselves as outcast. Even though they have talents and intellect, they, like lost souls, become numb to those virtues. Let us remember, nothing is lost: “the indomitable courage and a will to conquer” are all that we need in order to regain ourselves. Let us approach a fitness trainer who plays a saint in our redemption.

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