Fitness Trainer Versus Fitness Coach – Who’s Better Suited For You?


Have you been thinking of staying fit but not sure what is the best solution? Have you been contemplating whether to hire a fitness trainer or perhaps seek the assistance of a fitness coach? Well let’s demystify some facts and features about each of these experts.

A fitness trainer is your personal friend who will make sure that you are fit and in the right way. He is in charge of your fitness and will make sure that you go through the right exercises to lose weight, gain weight or just keeping fit. He first makes an assessment of your body weight, muscle strength, stability, flexibility, posture among other things and he will also take into account your food intake, food cravings, water intake and your goal. After making a thorough assessment about you, he will make a chart of your nutrition program and of the fitness program. This will be in accordance with your goals and current position of health and fitness.

A personal fitness trainer helps you by chalking out the different work outs that you need to carry out and then helps you do them properly. He corrects your faults and motivates you to do better. He will make sure that any imbalance or inefficiency is taken care of. A trainer is a certified professional whose aim is to make sure you achieve your fitness goal through the routine that he creates and also to make you work out according to rules and according to what you need. He will also stop you from over working your body. Too much exercise can be a serious blow to your health and he will make sure that it is not the case.

A fitness coach on the other hand, mentors a client and understands what his or her goals are and advices accordingly. He motivates clients to do better and understands the client’s needs. A coach is different from a trainer as he has more of a communicative agenda than training. A coach tells you what activities to take up and how you can achieve your goals. A fitness trainer tells you how to do an exercise; a coach tells you why it is important for you to do the exercise and why you should not quit. A coach inspires you to stay fit and stay on the track. We often start exercising and maintain a healthy lifestyle and also go to the gym regularly but then suddenly either we don’t want to do it anymore or find an excuse not to. Fitness coach advices you against these things and makes sure that you carry out your work out regime.

You will need a fitness coach if you already have had fitness training and know what regimes to follow and exercises to do. If you are a novice, you will definitely want to hire a fitness trainer. What is suggested is that you get a fitness coach as well as a trainer. A trainer will show you how to stay fit and a coach will help you stay fit by abiding to your decisions.

People, who have had no prior training experience and do not know what to do to stay fit taking their lifestyle and problems in account, should go to a fitness trainer. A trainer will be able to assess their position and make a routine accordingly. A trainer is definitely preferred to a coach because you will get the opportunity to improve any section of your body mechanism by exercising the right part of your body and you can do this right.