French Cooking Classes – Know The Ins And Outs Of French Cooking Classes!


Ah, those that love high quality and light meals would be hard-pressed to ignore the lure of attending French cooking classes as the techniques taught here differ greatly in concept from standard cooking schools. This is because French cooking involves the creative fun in cuisine education along with a travel option that enables one to explore the best of French culture, interaction with the top French chefs, state-of-the-art kitchen appliance uses and a chance to work in world-class atmosphere of gourmet kitchens! Of course, the close home option is also available as there are neighborhood French Cooking classes conducted in the US as well.

Some of these French cooking classes include The Walnut Grove, which maintains a strict number of student-count (4) assigned to each chef so there is a personal interaction involved and maximum attention can be given to the learners. The most important aspect of French cooking classes is that they stress on the use of only fresh ingredients as they believe these seasonal ingredients are smart to use since they release natural flavors, besides being great to prepare and present. This school abides by a certain dedication to letting students learn by doing rather.

Next in line of prominent French cooking schools is the Promenades Gourmandes, which conducts lessons as well as gastronomical tours in Paris with the teacher at the helm of affairs being Paule Caillat, who is also an expert food consultant; she has been professionally sharing her knowledge of French cuisine from 1997 onwards.

The Marguerite’s Elegant Home Cooking by Marguerite also offers a quality alternative for those searching top-class French cooking classes and she also offers the same knowledge for corporate sector besides teaching individuals in the homespun atmosphere of her well-stocked kitchen, the experience jazzed up with her hands-on lessons make available to all new learners. Marguerite believes in hard work for all learners and also caters to seasonal recipes requests made online.

Susan Hermann Loomis provides a single day hands-on (morning & afternoon) French cooking classes during specifically made out monthly schedules and being a published cookbook author, is a great bet for those who want online advice on French cooking or want to book an entry to her class, for which reservations need to be made in time. Those joining Cooking with Friends in France, also get to learn how to shop for foodstuff, tips on using the cheese cave, choosing prime cuts of fresh fish, meats and poultry and a special treat is definitely in store for cookery students joining Julia Child’s kitchen!

French cooking classes provided by Taste of Provenc also provides for board and lodging besides covering tuition fee; students pay for local tariffs and other transport costs not covered in the program. As the name suggests, this school offers a course in provincial menu that is determined according to the season and those who enroll learn to select vegetables and other fresh food items from the local market besides getting plentiful sight-seeing scope!