French Cooking – The ABCs Of French Cuisine!


Attending a French cooking institution is just the ideal thing to do for any up-and-coming cook preparing superlative roux, demi-glace, bouillabaisse, or remoulade.

French cuisine, which denotes “kitchen” in the French language, has drawn chefs from practically every country.

Do you recall Julia Child? She is not with us right now, but just like her strange, drawling accent, her French cuisine was memorable. She studied at the French culinary arts institution, Le Cordon Bleu, meaning blue ribbon, situated in Paris. In the course of time she established her very own French cooking institution in her residence – the renowned L’Ecole des Trois Gourmandes, which means School of the Three Gourmands.

It is unfortunate that Julia Child is not with us to instruct in her profession, but there a number of French cooking institutions to choose from on both sides of the Atlantic. In case, Paris is far too expensive for you, then you can opt for any of the countless French cooking institutions in North America. You can even opt for a school within New York City!

Most of the schools in New York, such as the well-known French Culinary Institute, organize open houses in autumn. Every French cooking institution persuades students keen on joining to examine its set of courses and the specializations offered. Right from soups to sauces, pastries and bread to cakes, to wine enjoyment, a French cooking institution exists inside New York City that caters to every taste.

Are you keen on betting? In that case, Nevada, which has a plethora of casinos, has a French cooking institution in Las Vegas. It is the celebrated Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, set up in 2003. The institution offers combined modules of contemporary American cuisine and traditional French cooking styles.

Students interested in the preparation of gastronomic delights will discover French cooking institutions across Canada. The famous Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts, situated on the western coastline, has diploma programs.

Modules offered by French cooking institutions may cover a number of semesters or short weekly sessions. Modeled on the lines of the French cooking institution in Provence, in Italy, it recreates the mood and setting of ancient Italy in a quaint farmhouse, where students soak up the atmosphere for five days, while taking their lessons.

Actually, many travel agencies highlight French cooking institution modules in their tour schedules. For instance, Gutsy Women Travel offers an arrangement that consists of spending an afternoon being trained in French cuisine by cooks in the distinguished area of Quebec City.

However, if you are not restrained by monetary matters when selecting the French cooking institutions, then you can go all the way and pass time in the seventeenth century manor house. Situated in the Burgundy province, to the south of Paris, Cheteau du Fe is the residence of Anne Willan, a writer and a chef par excellence. This French cooking institution embraces everything from savoring wines, vineyard sightseeing trips, and marketing for fresh food products. In addition, students are trained to prepare the classic French recipes such as chocolate souffle roulade.

This then is a French culinary arts institution that students find irresistible.