Healthy Lifestyle in Hydration Moderation


Actually the key to having a healthy lifestyle is to remember to have all things in moderation – including exercise. While too many sweets are definitely a bad thing, not having any is an extreme that few people want to experience. Artificial sweeteners can help you cut out some sugar, but don’t rely on them to completely fix your sugar tooth.

Research has shown that people who consume too much artificial sweetener may actually gain weight because their bodies actually think they are getting calories they aren’t and then crave those missing calories! A better idea is to eat naturally sweet things like fresh fruit or dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has antioxidants that are good for your body, and as long as you don’t go overboard it’s actually good for you!

Another tip to have a healthy lifestyle is to incorporate more vegetables into your dinner and lunch. Many people eat a lot of meat and bread, but if you replace either of those things with more vegetables, your body is getting more vitamins and less heavy carbs and calories. Also, one tip many people use to eat less and feel lighter is to eat an apple half an hour before every meal. This fills you up a bit so you won’t eat such a big portion at dinner!

Exercise is the most important component to a healthy lifestyle. You don’t have to go run six miles every morning to get the exercise that your body needs. Take stairs instead of elevators, park far away from the store, take the dog for an extra walk in the afternoon, play frisbee with the kids after school, dance with your spouse while dinner is in the oven, there are hundreds of fun ways to get more activity without having to spend countless hours on the treadmill.

You can even exercise while you watch tv! Just flex your leg muscles or curl a can of soup to work your biceps! Another part of a healthy lifestyle is to limit alcohol, tobacco and drug use.

While in moderation these things may not have a big impact on your life, everyone knows that too much of anything is a bad deal, especially when it comes to things that can ruin your organs and mental health.

Last, remember to relax! A healthy lifestyle involves lots of relaxing, family fun time, and laughter. Don’t overwork yourself and remember to take time to do things you enjoy. You only get one life, so you might as well have fun and not waste it!