How Can You Start To Love Cooking?


Most people look upon cooking as a tedious chore, especially when they are forced to cook because they have to eat diet food that can only be cooked at home or because they have suddenly acquired a family or partner who likes home cooked food. Others simply hate cooking because they find it time consuming and unsatisfactory when compared to tasty prepackaged meals that are ready to cook. However, home cooked food is not only tastier than pre-packaged, pre-prepared food, it is much more nutritious than frozen pre-prepared dishes that are unhealthy because of high unhealthy fat and additive contents and poor preparation methods. Therefore, home cooking should be taken as a necessity rather than an option if you want to stay fit and healthy throughout life. Our tips on how you can start to love cooking at home will help even the severest cooking hater to enjoy his or her time in the kitchen.

Try Out Simple Dishes First: As a novice in the kitchen, you should always start with simple and easy to make dishes. This not only ensures lesser cooking fiascos, it also makes for shorter cooking times, enabling you to look upon cooking as a small task rather than as a chore. Start with simple dishes like soups, stir fries and salads. Try cooking in the microwave or use a crock-pot for making soups and one-dish meals. This will leave you free to do what you like while your food gets cooked at the same time.

Get Your Ingredients Ready Before Cooking: Many people find cooking confusing and chaotic because they start gathering their ingredients together only after putting the pan on the fire. If you want your cooking stints to be cool, composed and as enjoyable as they are on cookery shows, then do what they do on these shows and have all your ingredients ready before you start cooking. If you find chopping and washing vegetables a chore or are short of time, then start with buying chopped and frozen veggies and start chopping at home only when you feel that you will like doing it.

Prepare Your Favorite Dishes: Even if you start cooking at home in an attempt to eat only healthy, fresh, organic or low fat food, you will never be able to last on your diet if you exclude everything that you like from it. If you do not like what you are cooking, you will not be interested in either cooking or eating it. On the other hand, if you start with preparing dishes that you like, you will be more involved and produce better results in the kitchen. This will not only end up with your consuming self-made tasty meals, it may very well herald the beginning of a long lasting relationship with the kitchen. Just remember to make your most “easy to prepare” favorite instead of tackling a French delicacy the first time you enter the kitchen.