How Does truSculpt 3D Work?


We are always watching for state of the art body design technology, which provides results with minimal healing period and an inexpensive price tag. Let us see by researching how this technology works if truSculpt matches the bill.

Trusculpt Flex NYC uses a multi-dimensional method of fat loss and body sculpting by providing exact therapeutic temperatures into the subcutaneous fat tissue. A controlled, monopolar radiofrequency (rather than bipolar RF) can be used to heat large quantities of subcutaneous fat tissue while maintaining comparatively low skin temperature (44 °C/111.2 °F on average).

Details of the Procedure

A handheld module is utilized to provide RF energy, which can be pulsed to the fat layer without damaging the skin or surrounding cells. A return pad is attached to the patient’s spine to guarantee satisfactory contact.

Each anatomical body area demands one 15-minute session, and a mean of 24% total fat loss can be anticipated. Results can be viewed as post-therapy.

Based on Cutera Inc. — that the manufacturers of truSculpt 3D — a patient usually needs one treatment to attain substantial fat loss (i.e. 20-30percent ).

The destruction of fat cells is irreversible. It isn’t supposed to deal with. If the individual’s diet varies, the remaining fat cells will expand accordingly. All skin types can be treated.

How Can truSculpt 3D Differ from Coolsculpting and SculpSure?

The differences are worth noting. Given the way the gadget functions, truSculpt 3D provides two especially unique benefits in the kind of skin tightening and also the shortage of downtime required. It is the sole remedy that’s been accepted to be used on the body.

Toronto-based plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Marc DuPéré was one of the very first Canadian plastic surgeons to provide truSculpt 3D instead to liposuction. He affirms that using radiofrequency is famous for its skin tightening consequences, including fat freezing (i.e. CoolSculpting).

This is because the warmth RF energy generates cells, which then causes an inflammatory reaction that finally contributes to collagen production and tissue restoration. SculpSure, in contrast, uses a laser to melt down fat rather than RF energy.

Be aware that lately, many patients have reported dissatisfaction after their SculpSure remedies. In reality, the manufacturers of SculpSure are facing a class-action lawsuit about its efficacy and distress.

Post-Op Skin Tightening

Dr. DuPéré clarifies that as a physician, he sees truSculpt 3D’s skin tightening advantages as a massive advantage: “Post-op, it permits me to take care of specific things that otherwise could have compelled me to become more conservative throughout the operation.” He proceeds to describe that after surgical fat loss, skin sagginess because of a prior loss of skin elasticity may call for excisional skin operation later.

“If the patient is ready to experience one or two remedies post-surgery for skin tightening with truSculpt 3D, then it’s a lot easier to prevent surgery scars,” Dr. DuPéré notes.

Hard to Reach Places

Dr. DuPéré adds this gadget proves beneficial in post-pregnancy and post weight loss as a single remedy can sculpt anatomically hard places like back adipose deposits (a.k.a. the eyebrow bulge) and the eyebrow region.

While many devices just work in the regions in which the soft tissue may be inserted to an applicator, truSculpt 3D may be used directly within a region where the skin can’t be pinched (instead of CoolSculpting and SculpSure).

“I often use truSculpt 3D from adjunction to a lot of surgical and body contouring procedures, particularly for the arms, legs and the stomach,” he adds.

Treatments Are Hotter — but Shorter

Another valuable feature of truSculpt 3D is that the frequency of performance: two megahertz (MHz) compared to the 1 MHz delivered by other programs. In other words, the speed of the heating system is three times larger. This benefit translates with 3D to treatment intervals.

Do Research Confirm truSculpt 3D’s Claims?

There are a couple of studies which show results.

Dr. Amy Taub is the Creator and Manager of Advanced Dermatology, LLC and also Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Northwestern University Medical School. Her staff ran a 3D research that was truSculpt to assess the device’s effectiveness at 12 and 8 weeks. 360 level photography was utilized, and loss was quantified using ultrasound.

Dr. Taub notes each topic responded well to the analysis and attained a mean of 24 percent fat loss in a single therapy, with as much as a 34% decrease supported by ultrasound in the 12 weeks.

Dr. Tahl Humes and Dr. Michael McGuiness assessed the efficacy and safety of one treatment using the truSculpt 3D monopolar RF device employing the 2MHz handpiece in 10 patients. In this study, ultrasounds and electronic photos were utilized to assess the outcomes. Fat loss was in accord with the research, and the process had been deemed effective and safe.