How to buy authentic gold watches for women


Gold watches for women are in trend and look fabulous. They are available in a variety of designs, styles and different gold forms. Some of the authentic gold watches for women present in the market are made of

Yellow gold

White gold

Rose gold

In order to buy the gold watches, one must consider following things according to the suitability on the personality.

Shapes of the watches

The gold watches are available in the round, square or rectangle shape which is either decorated with the small diamonds or one diamond on each side to give it the alluring look.  to select the watch it is good to examine what type of the wrist the person has if the arm is skinny or smart one can wear the round shape or square shaped watch with the normal size of the dial so that it gives the awesome look to the arms and the hands.

Price range

Before purchasing the watches one must focus on the budget, the different karat watches are available the price get down as the weight of the pure gold reduces. 22k gold is near to pure and is most expensive while 14k or 18 k is present at normal range with a variety of the designs.

These watches are either present with the pure gold chain straps or some are given effects with the leather strap so the mixed watches are preferred by the young girls while the office going or married women love to wear the complete chain gold watch, but it all depends on the choice what the taste women have on selecting the best piece.

These watches are the valuable jewelry and come with proper box and packaging so that the women can keep it safe for a lifetime. the pure gold watches has resale value and if the lady is willing to replace with a new design she can sell it and can get the new persuading fantastic watch according to the trend.