Is It Work, or a Lifestyle?


There are two things that my friends find surprising, OK maybe 3:

  1. I travel more now than I ever have
  2. It’s Friday night at 7:30pm and I’m working
  3. I’m looking forward to some “office time” tomorrow

The misconception here is whether I’m actually working (when travelling so much) and why I give up Friday nights and Saturday mornings to spend time catching up.

The answer, truthfully, is that this isn’t “work” for me, it is my lifestyle.

And comparing their work (stuck in an office on a beautiful day, set vacation weeks), I’ll take my lifestyle. I’ve worked hard for it, and I love it.

Let’s take my surprising facts from the beginning.

    1. I travel more now than I ever have – How much fun is that! Yes, sometimes I travel for a true “shut off the email” vacation, but other times I’m just going along for the ride. I just returned from another adventure and worked more than 50% of the time. I successfully put in a full work day while on the plane; I am the master of working offline. During my 5 day trip I only actually took one day off.
    1. It’s Friday night and I’m working – now I’ll admit I’m sitting outside on the patio, not tucked into my office, but I am working. Why? I happen to be creative on Friday nights, and I wanted to share this time with you. I’ve had a busy week, and its Friday night quiet time when my mind roams, and I start pondering business, the challenges of the week, and many times this forms the basis of the blogs. But tonight, I’m sitting outside with my laptop, just so thankful for the lifestyle I have, and that includes this time with you. Not thankful, however, for the massive spider making its way over here… this is why I don’t often work outside!
  1. And tomorrow, yes, I will work tomorrow morning. I have a cute little project that I’ve just started working on, and I’ve set aside “date time” with it. I have my morning planned, a good cup (OK, pot) of coffee and back outside I go to let my mind explore what’s possible. I’m actually very excited about it, and have been planning it over the last few days.

What some consider work, is my lifestyle. The creative process is important to me, giving myself the space to explore the projects in front of me while my mind is relaxed and at ease is an indulgence I take seriously. I appreciate the concerns of my clients, and don’t mind checking in over the weekend, if that’s what helps them. We’re partners, and we’re on this journey together. Checking in, isn’t work. It’s a privilege to be on this journey with my clients.

My hope is for more of my colleagues (and friends) to break free of the concept of work, and explore their entrepreneurialism as a lifestyle, as bliss, and as an expression of their passion. Work should be what’s in your heart, what your soul is telling you, and where your dreams lead you.

And if it isn’t… how can you get there?

Share with us your lifestyle goals – and let’s dream a way for you to get there, together.

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