Northwood Health Systems



The first step in the continuum for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction is detoxification. The detox program helps the body get rid of drugs and manage withdrawal symptoms. Northwood health systems offers detox in one of its crisis stabilization units.

DUI Safety & Treatment Program

Northwood Health Systems provides DUI Safety and Treatment Programs for Wheeling and New Martinsville. Our DUI classes will help you Health Central Women’s Care meet state requirements to regain your driver’s license. They also provide valuable insight into a variety of issues that can be related to drinking and driving.

Individual and Group Counseling

Northwood’s psychologists and therapists offer counseling and therapy for children, adolescents, adults, as well as senior citizens. Individual, group, or family therapy are all available. Northwood’s therapists work with many people who have varying daily functioning and suffer from a wide range of symptoms.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

A concentrated, high-frequency service called an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), is recommended for people with moderate to severe symptoms or those who have had difficulty receiving outpatient therapy. While enrolled in an IOP patients live at home and attend therapy sessions with individual and group clients several days per week.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Northwood offers medication-assisted addiction treatment programs. These medications are used in combination with therapy and counseling to treat addiction.

Northwood Health Systems Care Coordination

Individuals who have been admitted to psychiatric hospitals in the past or are at high risk of being admitted again are eligible for Care Coordination services. This service helps to identify and connect patients with community support services and healthcare services.

Clozaril Clinic Northwood Health Systems

Northwood Health Systems offers a weekly clinic to patients receiving Clozaril, an important medication for schizophrenia treatment. Clozaril is very effective in managing schizophrenia symptoms. However, Clozaril needs to be managed carefully. A special clinic is provided by Northwood’s team of psychiatrists, physician assistants and psychiatric nurse practitioners each week for Clozaril patients. The clinic involves careful evaluation of each patient’s symptoms and the completion and monitoring regular blood tests to ensure that each patient receives the right medication.

Support North Wood Health Systems for the Community

Community Support Services is a program that supports individuals with mental illnesses who need long-term support in order to live independently in the local community. This service is available five days a week, for five hours each day. The patient’s specific needs will dictate the exact days, times, durations, locations and therapeutic activities.

Stabilization in a Crisis

Northwood has two Crisis Stabilization Units that help people with severe psychiatric and/or addictive symptoms avoid hospitalization. An interdisciplinary team comprising psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors provides crisis services. They also provide psychiatric review, psychological examination and intensive group and individual therapy. Northwood’s staff will work with the patient to plan for follow-up and other aspects of discharge.