What are the Types of Online Weight Loss Programs, and Which is Best?


When it comes to weight loss programs on the Internet, people have a number of options. However, many struggle when it comes to knowing which option is the best one for them. This article is intended to help obese people learn more about their options so they can choose the best online weight loss program that will help them lose their target weight.

Meal Replacement Plans 

One form of online weight loss programs is the meal replacement model. This is when a company has a pre-set meal plan, and all the meals are shipped to you and kept in the freezer. Usually, they are sent based on calorie limitations and needed nutrition. While it is possible to lose weight following a diet, the failure rate is high because dieting doesn’t impact the way the body works to burn fat.

Motivational Apps for Weight Loss 

Weight loss apps are a type of online weight loss program that is new, and really gaining popularity. However, that popularity is high because it is perceived as being easy. However, these apps, much like meal plans, do not help the way the body works to shred fat.

Online Personal Trainers 

An online personal trainer is regarded as a type of online weight loss program, if the main goal is indeed to shred fat. Cardio will help people lose weight, so doing a Zoom session with a trainer while engaged in cardio activities will likely be a norm. However, these have a high fail rate because many regard the commitment to be too big of an inconvenience. Also, exercise doesn’t enable the body to reprogram itself to lose weight. Finally, online personal training costs the same amount as in-person training, and once people realize this, they will either quit exercising, or they will try the in-person approach.

Weight Loss Medications Prescribed by Doctors 

The best online weight loss programs utilize weight loss medications prescribed by doctors.Look for online weight loss programs that include small doses of Naltrexone, Acarbose and Orlistat. Naltrexone was originally used as a medication to kill the cravings opioid addicts have. Studies have revealed that it also helps control cravings for food, and is a successful medication to use in a weight loss program. Acarbose slows the digestion of carbohydrates and helps control blood sugar, and Orlistat helps to limit the amount of dietary fat absorbed by the intestines. When all of these medications are stacked, people will lose weight quickly because the body is able to rewire itself to shred fat.

WAYT-less is the Best Online Weight Loss Program 

Do some research on WAYT-less, an online weight loss program offered by Nu Image Medical. Thousands of verified customer testimonials suggest fast weight loss without having to change one’s lifestyle or diet, and if these people could find success at shredding fat so quickl;y, there is no reason you can’t do the same! When you sign up for WAYT-less be prepared to fill out your medical history so a physician can review your information and determine if you are a good candidate for the program.