Properly Combined Meals and How this Aids in Weight Loss


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Ever heard of eating a Properly Combined meal? This very sound concept is foreign to most people.

Especially those of us in the western world where we tend to do our meal planning based upon the old food pyramid with all food groups represented at every dinning opportunity.

One of the chief challenges with the idea of consuming all food groups at every meal however is that this practice is not conducive to proper digestion. And without proper digestion you experience improper absorption. And without proper absorption, there is no real assimilation of necessary nutrients. And of course without proper nutrients we have failing health.

Let’s say you are a meat & potatoes kind of guy or gal. That’s cool, no sweat, after all we need that protein, right? And certain our bodies benefit from the helpful carbohydrate in that spud, correct? Indeed.

Yet consuming both at the same time can actually inhibit your ability to properly digest these necessary nutrients because your body has a challenging time processing this type of meal.

Allow me to explain by taking you back to you seventh-grade biology class.

First, a base line to keep in mind: to break down a harsh substance like a solid protein your stomach lining secretes an acid fluid. In order to break down a starch your stomach oozes an alkaline fluid.

So OK, now what did you learn you were but a small tike sitting in biology class? What happens when an acid and an alkaline come together? Yep, that’s right Scooter, they neutralize each other.

So imagine if you will that you cut off a nice slice of that sirloin and pop in into your mouth and begin to masticate (i.e. chew).  Then you poke at the ‘tater, chew and swallow. Both the meat and the potatoes arrive nearly together into the stomach and the body goes to work on attempting to break it all down to derive the necessary nutrients to nourish your bod.

You’re secreting acid and secreting alkaline fluids. Acid and alkaline, acid and alkaline. Body is working hard but since the fluids are being neutralized the process is being slowed and true digestion is not taking place at the level in which it was intended. And this goes for not simply the stomach but of course in the entire upper and lower gastrointestinal tracts. From the stomach to the small and large intestine to the colon and beyond.

So what happens? The food sits in the stomach and GI tract and rots. Eek! No fun. Not entirely mind you, but at some level this is in fact what occurring is. It’s not my idea, its basic science. Biological science that you learned a long time ago in Mr Green’s classroom.

So if you are feeling sluggish, possibly lethargic at time… try eating that steak and potato separately. Have the steak and veggies and no starch. Or have a baked potato with veggies and a salad and put off the steak or chicken until dinner time.

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