Prosthetic Eyes-A latest Trend


The advantages of prosthetic eyes

Prosthetic eyes or artificial eyes are the latest trend these days for those who have lost an eye due to accident or disease. For those who have lost an eye due to disease, such as a tumor, many will find prosthetic eyes a more cosmetically appealing choice than wearing an eye patch.

  • The prosthetic eyes are lighter in weight

Quality artificial eyes are lighter in weight. The weight plays a major role in the success of any artificial eye, because the heavier prosthetic eyes can result in lower eyelid’s sagging, which can only be treated with a surgery. Also, a prosthetic eye cab prove to be a perfect fit if got done bya professional Ocularist.

  • Self Esteem

Self-esteem is really important, especially when we talk about a person, who has lost an eye in the accident. Many peoplewill feel incomplete without an eye and for such people, prosthetic eyes are the most suitable option. A Prosthetic eye will likely match the other eye, restoring the patient to normalcy.

  • Function

An artificial eye can prove to be really beneficial as it improves the overall facial function by keeping the eye socket in a perfect shape and place.