Should You Take Herbal Supplements?


Herbal supplements are now within the reach of almost everyone worldwide. You can find herbal supplements on the Internet, in a health food store, in a beauty supply store, or in a vitamin shop.

Each of the herbal supplements you see will make claims about what enhancements it can make to your health. Do not take these claims at face value. It is important for you to research herbal supplements independently. Even herbal supplements that deliver on their promises are not needed by everyone. Take only those herbal supplements that match your needs. If you are on any medications, be sure to check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any herbal supplement.

What are herbal supplements?

Consumers may commonly ask questions like “What are herbal supplements?” and “Why are herbal supplements prescribed?” once they find out about them.

Herbal supplements are basically just ways to supplement the body with anything that your lifestyle may be depriving it of having that will promote proper bodily function. The United States Food and Drug Administration considers herbal supplements to be dietary supplements. Although these supplements are derived from natural sources, they should be used with caution, particularly in concentrated forms such as extracts.

Similar to drugs, many herbal supplements contain active ingredients that can affect how the body functions. So once again, be sure to check with your doctor before starting on an herbal supplement. Don’t take a supplement simply because it says it will do something good for you. Only take a supplement because you have a problem that it may help remedy.

Before you take herbal supplements

An expert such as a pharmacist can help provide you with invaluable information and help you decipher often ambiguous product labels. A doctor who is educated in natural remedies or a pharmacist should be able to tell you of the possible side effects of a given herb or of possible interactions the herb may have with drugs you are taking. And, only a doctor can properly diagnose if you have a condition that requires treatment and if taking herbal supplements can treat your condition.

Just because an herbal supplement is popular does not mean it is right for everyone. Each person has unique needs and reactions. Just a like a drug, an herb can be dangerous for some people under the wrong circumstances. So if you’re currently taking an herbal supplement or thinking of taking one, consider finding out more information about whether you really need that herbal supplement and whether that herbal supplement fits in with any medications you may be taking.