Diet And Lifestyle Changes – Your Key To Success For Getting Pregnant and To Cure Infertility


Pregnancy planning prepares the parents for childbirth. You have to make adequate financial arrangements and get ready to support your body by healthy nutritious food. Diet and lifestyle changes go a long way in helping to deliver a healthy baby. Diet plays the most important role in healthy pregnancies. This means that the mother, and the baby who grows from the fetus stage, remain healthy during the entire term of pregnancy. A balanced diet should consist of vitamins and minerals, starch, fiber and cereals.

What To Eat

Mothers should take fiber in the form of green leafy vegetables, fruits and fruit juices. Foods rich in starch are breads, rice and its various forms, lentils, noodles etc. Carbohydrates and vitamins are available in potatoes, cereals, spinach, and fortified cereals. A very important ingredient required during pregnancy is iron. Iron helps in blood circulation and making blood tissues and veins strong. Iron is usually taken as a supplement as a capsule along with meals. It is available in broccoli, dry fruits and nuts. Another important ingredient, calcium, is available in milk and milk products. One of the most important minerals required is folic acid. Physicians recommend that mothers and future mothers should take good quantity of folic acid to reduce and eliminate birth defects in the newborn baby. Take folic acid as a supplement along with meals. The importance of diet and lifestyle changes cannot be undermined.

What Not To Eat

Just like there is food that is must during pregnancy, there is food that should be avoided. Usually, mothers should avoid grilled meat and undercooked food, as it is not easily digestible. Fish should be avoided altogether, especially shark and swordfish. Again, do not eat raw or uncooked fish. Do not take too much coffee as it contains caffeine, which is harmful for the fetus.

How To Enhance Male Fertility And Remove Female Infertility

Many herbs and oils enhance male fertility. However, there are no tests to prove that this happens all the time. But you find references in old books and ancient literature when drugs like ginseng, flax seed, certain fish oils, even fruits and green leafy vegetables can improve male fertility and massage oils of flowers like primrose, vitex can help in cases of female infertility. Diet and lifestyle changes too can improve male and female infertility. To improve chances of pregnancy, many couples make use of the most fertile period of the woman.

It is important for all mothers to stick to a fixed routine of exercise and make some changes in their lifestyles. The health of a baby is totally in the hands of the mother. If the mother is healthy then the baby will also be healthy. The mother should remain physically strong. Expecting mothers should go on long walks to keep their limbs active.

Importance Of Yoga And Meditation

Women who practiced Yoga before pregnancy should continue to practice it. It is a very good and healthy form of exercise for females. Even women, who are newcomers, can start Yoga of the preliminary stage, after pregnancy. A little meditation during the day helps in controlling stress and keeping mind free from tension. Avoid smoking and drug abuse at all times. Too much smoking and drugs can have negative effect on weight of the baby even birth defects. Also, avoid exposure to heat and radiation. Avoid contact with pets as they may leave you with infection of some kind if you do not wash hands immediately and are careless. Diet and lifestyle changes can do wonders for your motherhood.