Testosterone Boosting Supplements – The Facts

“Testosterone boosting” supplements/formulas have become a remarkably popular class from the supplement business of late. It appears everybody, man or boy, seems to wish to “increase” their amounts of this hormone that makes men. Everyone, women and men, can possibly gain from maintaining optimum levels of the critical hormone.

But this write up isn’t likely to pay the hormone per se, but to go over the different over-the-counter (OTC) products/formulas asserting to boost it. Because there are literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of products/formulas available on the marketplace now, all promising to “boost” this significant hormone, I will be speaking in generalities about those products vs. a particular ingredient or formulation.

Physiological Threshold Concepts

Following is a simple thought experiment: If you require a tiny quantity of testosterone boosting supplements, then state 25mg a week of T- propionate, will your own testosterone levels go up slightly for a limited moment? Yes. Can your muscle mass growth and or your strength increase? Nope. Anybody who has ever obtained any T – or understands the first thing about the subject – understands there is a threshold dose where one really experiences changes in your body composition and strength.

The purpose being, it is 1 thing to reveal formula/ingredient X has had a little effect on serum testosterone (and many haven’t…), another to demonstrate that change really had some impacts on body composition or alternative end points individuals utilizing such products normally care about, like gains in strength and muscle mass.

Just like with any hormone, there is a physiological threshold that needs to be fulfilled before it really affects muscle mass, power, etc.. Anybody who has used T in the kind of cypionate or enanthate (equally long acting esters of T) understands that changes in body composition normally start at about 200mg a week in minimum, with more being the standard. The above presumes a individual with “normal” testosterone levels vs. HRT/TRT treatment for people that are proven to be clinically obese in T.

So, with that, do you truly feel that T booster nutritional supplement you’re using – which tends to lack any sound data to start with – is going to be the equal of 200mg a week of testosterone Cypionate? If this is so, I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ‘. . .Hell, the noise of exotic sports cars may increase T amounts. Can you believe listening to the noise of a Maserati, Lamborghini and Ferrari until you hit the fitness center is going to cause more muscle mass? Me ….Which brings us into another section in anticipation of this clear question: how can one know whether the test boosters on this page he is using is getting any impacts on the creation of T?

Can you put air in your tires without even assessing the strain?

Can you put air in your tires without even checking to see whether you want any atmosphere or what the atmosphere pressure really is until you add extra air to the tires? I know I do not, but that’s precisely what you’re performing (presuming said T booster really has some impacts on T.. .) Using such an item without really understanding what your T levels were when you began. Shifting your T levels isn’t a small undertaking, nor should it be done lightly, and it may have long term consequences, both negative and positive. As I suggested – and we’ll get more into depth on the subject shortly – I don’t have any beliefs these products are in fact impacting T at all, or sufficient to really cause any changes in body composition (e.g., increases in LBM and decreases in BF) or intensity anyhow; but with no idea where you’re beginning from and in the event the item is performing anything, is nearly as dumb as it gets.

I had been planning to say something much more considerate and PC like “it is not plausible” but screw that, it is just dumb, and of course that a significant waste of money in the long term. If you would like to really go the Bro Logic/Bro Science/hopeful thinking/placebo-driven path, it is your money, I figure. I knowI know, you are that one person who’s resistant to placebo effects. . .Interesting side notice – and something that I shall blog about in the not too distant future, is that placebos are becoming stronger! It is perplexing that the pharmaceutical business as we talk, in reality.