Use Crock Pot Cooking To Save Time (And Stress)


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Crock pots (or slow cookers, depending on where you’re from) are an absolute blessing for the busy cook. When you can just throw some ingredients into your crock pot in the morning and come home from work to a hot, delicious, nutritious dinner, you know that you’re utilizing one of the most beneficial kitchen gadgets ever.

Crock pot cooking is a simple way to cook healthy foods that can help keep your family away from the siren song of fast food on busy days. Who has time to come home from work, help the kids with homework, tidy the house, wash the breakfast dishes, and make and eat dinner before rushing off to band practice or whatever other activity is happening that night?

When you use crock pot cooking to balance out your weekly meals, you can save valuable evening time that you would have normally spent cooking dinner. If you decide to have pot roast for dinner that night, you simply throw the roast and some raw vegetables into the crock pot, add some spices, and cover with water. Put on the lid, start the crock pot cooking on the low setting, and come home nine hours later to a fully cooked and nutritious meal. Cooking doesn’t get any easier than that.

Not Just for Dinner Anymore

Crock pot cooking isn’t just about dinner, though. Breakfast can join in the fun with an unconventional contribution from the crock pot. Have you ever thought of using the crock pot cooking method for scrambled eggs? Simply throw a few ingredients into the crock pot and then relax on the sofa reading the Sunday paper for a few hours. By the time you’re ready for brunch, you’ll have a crock pot full of hot scrambled eggs waiting for you.

How about using the crock pot cooking method for a delicious dessert? Apple desserts do especially well with crock pot cooking because their flavor increases as they’re allowed to steep in their own juices. However, there are hundreds of other dessert recipes that take to crock pot cooking extremely well.

Even side dishes can get in on the crock pot cooking fun. Making refried beans is so simple in a crock pot that you’ll wonder why you ever bothered to buy them in a can. They taste so much better when fresh that you’ll never want to eat those canned beans again, anyway.

Easy and Healthy

Crock pot cooking not only saves you time – it can actually make you healthier. By having a hot meal waiting for you at home, there’s no need to order a greasy pizza at the end of an exhausting day. Crock pot cooking also lets you cook without added fat for most meals, so you save on calories and fat grams while making a filling and delicious meal. There’s no kitchen appliance that benefits your family more than a crock pot while delivering such a great return on your initial investment.

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