Use Probiotics For Bad Breath


It is a fact more and more individuals are troubled by the problem of bad breath. They may not feel relaxed around others and may even not want to speak to anyone. And though there are several oral care products and answers to this issue, none has generated so much fascination like probiotics for bad breath.

What is Oral Probiotics:

If you have been following the trends in oral care industry then you need no overview of probiotics. But if you aren’t aware probiotics are beneficial microorganisms which are designed to assist against d smelling breath. This solution works by changing bad bacteria with good ones in your mouth.

How Do These Good Bacteria Work:

Apparently, the bad odor that comes from your mouth emanates from the activity of bacteria in the gastrointestinal track. The digestive area is infested with these “digestive bacteria” which also play a role in metabolism. Two types of germs often located in the digestive track are Lactobacillus and Bifidus. These bacteria help with digestion, but can cause problems in other areas of the body. Like in the mouth, then they cause offensive breath.

Since the bad breath comes from the activity of the organism, then replacing them brings a significant change to mouth odors. Bacterial organisms like S.salivarius K12 or S.salivarius M18 are good bacteria that help to make the breath better. Once in the mouth, these probiotics organisms produce antibacterial peptide which targets the previous strains of bacteria which cause bad breath. When the peptide attaches itself to the bad strain of bacteria, it causes it to die.

Does Research Support Probiotics Bacteria for Bad Breath:

Swedish scientists in the 1960’s discovered that thirty percent of people had helpful organism in their mouths. That number has changed over time to a mere ten percent. Scientists attributed this to changes in our diet. Researchers believe that nowadays, people eat less fermented food than before. Adding preservatives to food is another reason why there are less bacteria in the body as the preservatives kill the bacteria in the food as well as what’s in the body. So, it is not difficult to see why many people will require the involvement of probiotics for bad breath to handle the chronic bad odors.

Research published in the European Journal of Pediatrics described in detail that innocuous E.coli strains can do away with unpleasant mouth odors due to gastric gases. It was also shown by a group of Japanese researchers that breath issues can be treated utilizing a strain of microbes called Lactobacillus salivarius. This was performed on participants who had issues with their breath. It was established that the sulfur-producing compounds had reduced considerably.

In the Journal of Applied Microbiology, a separate research team backed the Japanese findings regarding probiotics for bad breath explaining that sulfur compounds that cause horrible breath lowered considerably. There is another strain of bacteria called Streptococcus salivarius which also lowers sulfur compounds and helps the breath.

Benefits of Probiotics:

It’s apparent, based on the studies above and many others, that probiotics for bad breath are very beneficial. Probiotics not only changes the condition of the mouth by destroying bad bacteria, but also aids in making the breath better. Indeed, this natural system of bacterial replacement has been heralded as one of the effective methods for managing unpleasant oral odors.

Probiotics isn’t just limited to breath problems. It isn’t just halitosis that can be remedied with good bacteria. Studies have shown that probiotics for oral care get rid of halitosis by destroying bad bacteria that cause terrible breath. Still in oral care, probiotics has also proven useful in building the body’s resistance against cavities, sore throats, and gum diseases.

In Conclusion:

Most products regarding mouth odors only cover up the smell, but probiotics for bad breath eliminated the source of it: your mouth bacteria. The popularity of oral care probiotics enforces the believe ordinary people have for this remedy against mouth odor. Interestingly, there are also ongoing tests on oral care probiotics that can also benefit the oral cavity. The bottom line is that you can improve oral healthcare by using probiotics.