Vaporizing Marijuana Dangerous New Trend


According to a recent story by FOX News, the G-Pen is used by patients who are prescribed medicinal marijuana that want to avoid the harmful smoke or the bitter odor. Nowadays, however, teens are becoming regular customers of smoke shops that sell such paraphernalia. The main website of the G-Pen offers a vaporizer kit called The Game/G-Box, which is named after a rapper who is popular among younger audiences. It is so popular that it is frequently sold out, and it is typically kept behind the counter at most smoke shops.

Teen Marijuana Use

The trouble with the G-Pen is that it allows teens to get high in public without anyone knowing. It is this discreet aspect that makes it so popular.

Marijuana use among teens and young adults is particularly dangerous, as it has a detrimental effect on developing brain tissue. A recent study revealed that marijuana use during the developmental years results in decreased IQ, even in later adulthood. It can also cause decreased attention span and forgetfulness, which can cause learning problems for those trying to get through high school and college. This can affect goals, career choices and potential income.

Marijuana use during the teenage years also increases the chance of heavier drug use and addiction into adulthood. 
Other Marijuana Paraphernalia

What other items might you find if your child is smoking marijuana? Besides vaporizers, there are a number of other methods that teens use to get high on pot.

A bong is one such item. While it may be mistaken for a strange vase, it is actually a water pipe used to smoke marijuana. Smaller versions are called bubblers. Teens use bongs because the effects are often more intense than smoking from a pipe. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they can even be made from common household items such as soda bottles and Pringles cans.

A hookah is a smoking device used for several users. It was traditionally used in the Middle East to smoke flavored tobacco, but in the United States it is common for teens to use it to smoke marijuana.

A pipe, also known as a bowl, is one of the most common devices for smoking marijuana. Many teens own more than one pipe.

Fans of marijuana also like to bake it in brownies, so do not be fooled by teen baking parties. When marijuana is consumed rather than smoked, it takes longer to get high, but it is usually more potent this way. This can make it easier to consume too much too quickly.

You might find a grinder, an inconspicuous tin used to grind marijuana buds to be smoked in a joint or a pipe. Other items include rolling papers, a scale (used to weigh out proportions of marijuana), body spray or air freshener to neutralize the smell, eye drops to mask bloodshot eyes or dilated pupils, empty baggies, small jars and large amounts of cash, which can indicate that your teen is selling marijuana and other drugs.