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Protect yourself from COVID-19 variants with Affinity Health And Wellness Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely

Affinity Health And Wellness Many people love Thanksgiving. However, this year large gatherings of friends and family could increase the chance of spreading COVID-19. These tips will help you have a safer Thanksgiving.

Here are some ways to safely enjoy Halloween Affinity Health And Wellness

While Halloween celebrations are great fun, they can also be dangerous during a pandemic. These activities are safer for everyone. Avoid trick-or-treating and other Halloween activities if you have COVID-19 symptoms.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many organisations had to immediately implement indefinite periods of homeworking for their employees. This has caused significant disruption to both personal and professional lives. Some employees may have had the opportunity to work from home regularly or on an ad-hoc basis. Others might feel isolated from this new environment and lack of social interaction. International Northwood Health Systems SOS and Affinity Health And Wellness at Work have compiled a list of ten tips for maintaining mental health while homeworking in order to encourage employers to share their knowledge and support employees.

Dr Rachel Lewis is a Registered Occupational Psychologist and Director, Affinity Health at Work. She says, “Homeworking almost overnight has become the norm for a greater percentage of the working population. Recognize that working more than three days per week can lead to increased mental illness and employees may need support. Affinity Health and Wellness has identified one of the greatest psychological risks associated with homeworking. Many will feel lonely, anxious and afraid. It is possible that homework will have a negative impact on our health-promoting behaviours. These have been proven to be beneficial for both physical and psychological health.

Dr Laurent Taymans is the Regional Medical Director Affinity Health And Wellness. International SOS. “With millions of people working remotely, some with the possibility of having their families around, while others are isolated, this presents a serious threat to the mental well-being of the workforce. It is expected that it will take several months, but for some, this could be a catalyst to the evolution of the workplace, and the way of future. Employees and organizations must both recognize the benefits and challenges of remote work. This will help to keep motivation and business goals on track in this uncertain and difficult period.

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