Anti-Chafe underwear is actually a thing?


What causes thigh chafing

The combination of heat, moisture, and clothing irritation can cause chafing around the inner thighs. Your skin is flexible and strong, but it can also be sensitive to heat, bacteria, and abrasion. Your skin can become inflamed if your inner thighs rub against one another or against your clothes. Perspiration and bacteria can also cause irritation. Your inner thighs may swell slightly, making your legs stick together, creating friction and heat faster, which can only make the problem worse.

How to avoid painful chafing

There are many ways to relieve the pain and treat chafed skin. How about preventing it from happening? These are our top tips to make uncomfortable chafing disappear.

1. Wear bamboo underwear

The first layer of skin against your skin is underwear. This makes it ideal to absorb moisture and fight perspiration. Cotton underwear quickly gets damp and retains moisture. Underwear made using bamboo is different. Bamboo absorbs 70% more moisture and wicks it away. This bamboo underwear ensures your inner thighs remain dryer for longer. This helps reduce skin irritation and chafing.

2. Boxers with longer legs should be preferred

Boxers with longer legs will cover more of your inner thighs. The extra length of the legs prevents your thighs rubbing against each other and against your clothes. Longer legs make it easier for boxers to stay put because they cover your thickest part of the thigh. This makes them less likely crawl up. Boxers with longer legs and anti-chafing can reduce irritation and skin-to-skin contact when walking or exercising.

3. Get well-fitting underwear

A good fit is key. The fabric will not crawl up if the underwear is tight around the upper legs. Slim-fit styles are more stable and provide support no matter how active you are.

Does my underwear cause chafing?

Traditional underwear, even if made of cotton, silicone, latex or latex, can cause skin irritations. Your most expensive pair could be the culprit! These materials absorb sweat but leave your skin feeling dry. This makes it uncomfortable when your legs rub together. The chafing starts, as well as the bright red marks that announce its arrival. However, anti-chafe underwear is made differently.

Anti-chafe underwear is simply better.

An Anti Chafe Underwear is a better choice than just showing up to work commando, which is definitely not advisable. It’s well worth the effort, because anti-chafing clothing prevents chafing.

CoolMax fabric is a great material for anti-chafe. There are less chances for your skin to chafe if there is no excess fabric.

Which style of anti-chafe slack-fit underwear would you recommend?

We recommend that both men and ladies look at boxer shorts for comfortable chafing underwear. This material is extremely soft and tight fitting. This type of underwear is typically longer so you can cover both your crotch as well as your thighs. A wider waistband is recommended as thinner underwear can cause skin irritation and dig in to the skin.