Caribbean Medical Schools – Advantages and Disadvantages


When contemplating whether among the numerous Caribbean Medical Schools is ideal for you it is important to do comprehensive research and receive as much advice as possible so that you can make an educated option. There’s not any doubt that the Caribbean is among the most gorgeous areas on Earth. In case you choose to go to college in the Caribbean you will be immersing yourself from the attractiveness whilst obtaining a world-class medical instruction.

Listed below are a Couple of things You Should Think about when starting down the road to collect that information and creating your decision:


1. Price

It’s usually less costly to attend a Caribbean college. The best universities are a portion of the majority of top U.S. colleges. A significant note is how there’ll be additional costs associated with studying abroad, such as traveling expenses and traveling student medical insurance. But, in spite of these additional expenses that the whole price of instruction is much less costly.

2. Rolling admissions

Some Caribbean medical schools have rolling admissions. What that means is that the window for applying to a specified college can be extremely broad, frequently with 3 phases every year. This will make the application process much less stressful and permit more time to be certain everything you’ll need is in order before submitting your program.

3. High USMLE pass Prices

The best Caribbean medical schools have USMLE first time pass rates which are at or over the U.S. average. High USMLE pass rates are a powerful indicator that the applications provided by Caribbean colleges are high level and your instruction and progress has been taken seriously.

4. Admission Opportunities

In spite of all the top scores becoming medical school can sometimes not be possible. The amount of applicants to U.S. colleges is obviously much greater than the amount of open slots. Caribbean medical schools provide people chances to go into medical school they may not otherwise possess.

5. Clinical Rotation Opportunities

The first two years are going to be in the campuses for many Caribbean medical schools, but the clinical rotations for the best colleges are from the U.S.. This provides a massive benefit to pupils because they may gain from the greater approval rates to get in the Caribbean universities while still having the ability to learn in the physicians at U.S. hospitals throughout their clinical rotations.


1. Wide Array of quality

Not many Caribbean medical schools would be exactly the same, to say the very least. The people who run the colleges are aware there’s high competition among prospective students to discover a college to attend. In the very best schools this has contributed to higher rivalry to refine their apps and bring the top students. But, additionally it has meant the prospect for lesser schools to make their way to the sector and make the most of people who may fall prey. Sticking to a few of the very best and earliest universities such as is a secure choice since they’re quite well-known and highly trustworthy. In case you choose to explore one of the more recent colleges be sure that you research them particularly well.

2. Language barrier

Again, this is something which you won’t need to be worried about in the very best schools, but a few Caribbean medical Schools do not use English as their main teaching language. If you are not fluent in the spoken language (usually Spanish) you are going to have a significant drawback and will battle unnecessarily.

3. Residing in a foreign country could be challenging

The onset of the report highlights the fact that the Caribbean is a remarkably beautiful region of the planet. It’s still a foreign country, however, and its own customs and culture tend to be different than that which many North Americans are utilized to. Many men and women find that the differences exciting and enjoyable, but a few do find it adds more stress to the demanding medical school program.

Deciding that medical colleges to attend is a life-changing choice. It is crucial that you place a good deal of time into collecting as much info as possible. Caribbean medical schools provide considerably to the student who puts forth the effort. Look into the possibilities and determine whether a Caribbean medical school may be an ideal match for you.