Christian Lifestyle Weight Loss – Part Two of Two


The reason why Christian lifestyle guidelines for health-fitness nutrition or weight management also intentionally include mental, emotional, scientific and spiritual advice is this… Weight loss requires a huge sense of PURPOSE.

Physically, the steps to losing unwanted body fat are relatively simple. Eat less fatty food, exercise more. That’s it, from a purely physical standpoint. However, what ELSE do you need to do in order to lose weight and stay lean? From a Christian lifestyle viewpoint, you will almost always find that good REASON or strong MOTIVATION to be better off physically, is the missing link between body fat failure or success.

This is where having a solid passion for adhering to Christian principles helps you. With this fundamentally forceful approach, you are now armed with unstoppable weight loss tools. Losing body fat, no matter how simplified or difficult it gets for you, requires the support of well-founded lifestyle beliefs. Knowing that God made us in his own image and likeness, for example, can be an invigorating body fat instrument.

So, the place for virtually any Christian who wants to lose weight should start is here — meaning, from a point of wisdom. And USING THAT WISDOM ought to remain at the forefront of your fat loss campaign.

Here are your key points for losing weight from the perspective of Christian lifestyle enlightenment…

A – Almost all action that you engage in is more powerfully put to your body fat advantage if and when you make it part of your complete and consistent lifestyle, rather than mere moments of physical activity or exertion.

B – Eating is most definitively about food CHOICES and TYPES. Sure, amounts matter, too. Yet, you are likely to be far better off by mastering what you should eat from a COMPONENT or CONSTITUENT level. In other words, become familiar with what’s in your food, and choose those food sources which contain good things for your body. This cannot be done without improving your scientific knowledge plus applying your Christian wisdom. Here, the evils of saturated fat will be exposed for you.

C – Be willing to step up to your next higher level of intellectual and spiritual wisdom because emotional willpower, mental forcefulness, and spiritual stability comprise the primary missing ingredients to losing weight safely, peacefully, consistently, comfortably, and confidently, as time progresses.

Just like other people, it is hard for you as a Christian, to lose weight if you are troubled by a lifestyle problem. Turning to God for help, you can trustingly look deep within your inner soul, ask inspired questions, plus listen to and act upon the answers you receive. You will experience maximized fat loss control when you are free from social worry, mistrust, doubt, or everyday fears (some of which, we often do not even realize we are facing).

With the Christian lifestyle weight loss principles you are reading here today, real body fat reduction accomplishment awaits you because you are taking the proper steps to assure that you leave no doors to your fat loss fundamental power, in a closed or shutdown status.