How To Cook Eggs


Everyone needs to learn how to cook eggs. I love to cook, but most of all I love to cook breakfast! There’s nothing like wakin’ up in the mornin’ to a good home-cooked breakfast and it all starts with cooking eggs.

Don’t cook your eggs over too high heat because the iron in the yolks will react with the sulfur in the whites and your eggs will turn green and be rubbery. “Green Eggs and Ham” makes for good readin’ but not so good eatin’.

How to cook Eggs that are Scrambled

**Make your scrambled eggs soft and fluffy by cooking them over low heat and adding a tablespoon of milk or water.

**If you like cheese in your scrambled eggs, put the cheese in the eggs as soon as you put the eggs in the pan, otherwise, your eggs will lose their moisture before the cheese has a chance to melt and there is nothing worse than dry eggs.

How to cook Eggs that are Fried

**Over-easy eggs – cook them on one side just until firm, flip them over and cook them just long enough to barely put a coating on top of the egg (the white won’t be done).

**Over-medium eggs – flip them over when they a firm and immediately take them off of the heat and let them sit in the pan until the white is completely cooked (the yolk will still be runny).

**Over-medium-well eggs – flip the eggs when the first side is firm. Leave them on the heat until the white is completely done and the yolk is just barely runny.

**Over well eggs – as soon as you put the eggs in the pan, break the yolk and cook them until they are firm, flip and cook until they are all the way done.

How to cook Eggs that are Poached

**Make sure your eggs are fresh. Do this by putting the egg into cold, unsalted water. If the egg stays on the bottom it’s fresh, if the egg stands on its pointed end on the bottom, it’s still good, but best used for baking and making hard-boiled eggs, if it floats – throw it away.

** Use a custard cup or large spoon to lower the eggs into the water.

**If you use a non-stick pan, you’ll want about an inch of water in the pan. If you use a regular pan, make sure it’s a deep saucepan with at least 3 inches of water.

**For every cup of water that you use, add a teaspoon of white vinegar or lemon juice .

**Bring water to a boil before you add the eggs and get them as close to the water as you can and slowly drop them in the water. Remove the pan from the heat and cover.

**How long you cook your eggs really depends on how many eggs you are cooking and how you like them done. If you like your yolks runny but the white pretty well done, it will take 5 to 6 minutes for 4 eggs depending on there size.

**Remove the eggs from the water with a slotted spoon.

**If you want, you can refrigerate the eggs in ice water (up to 8 hours), and then reheated them in hot (not boiling) water when you are ready to use them.

How to Boil Eggs

**”No, boiled eggs are not supposed to have a green ring around the yella!”

**Put eggs in a pot with enough cold water to completely cover the eggs. Bring to a boil, remove from heat, cover and let stand in hot water for 10 minutes. Your eggs will be perfect.