If You Want To Be A Great Cook, Start Learning Those Cooking Terms


When you are watching a show about cooking do you know all the cooking terms they use? If you want to learn how to cook those recipes they talk about you should start to learn those cooking terms. Otherwise you won’t get far when you try to replicate the recipes. And learning them is not that hard once you start using them while you cook. The way to learn those cooking terms is to read books about cooking, look them up on the internet or, and that’s maybe the best idea, start taking cooking classes. First thing you should do is, the moment you hear a term that you don’t know, write it down on a piece of paper and find out what it means.

So what are those cooking terms we keep talking about. Let us take a look at a few of them.

. Al Dente is a term for pasta that’s not overcooked, it still has a bite and is firm and chewy.

. Marble is a term mixing one food gently in another.

. Mince is a term for chopped up food.

. Poach is a term for simmering in liquid.

. Sear is a term often used for cooking meat under a high temperature in its own juice.

The terms we have shown above are just a few of the terms used in modern day cooking. Just a few, because there are so many cooking terms that it would fill more then one bookshelf to name and explain them all. You will need to start studying them so you will know the most important ones.

Start taking those classes

Really, the best way to get familiar with those cooking terms is by taking a few cooking classes. Not only will a cooking class teach you what the different terms mean but they will also show how to put them in practice and how the use them. Other then that you will of course learn some new recipes while you are at it.

So now that we have shown you some cooking terms maybe you will know what they mean the next time you watch a cooking show. And if you take some of those cooking classes you won’t be switching channels anymore because you don’t understand a thing the chef on TV is talking about. And if there are a few terms you still don’t know, write them on a piece of paper and look them up on the internet or go to your library. To know the meaning of cooking terms can help you in so many ways. An example would be while reading a new recipe you would see the cooking terms and in your mind the chef who wrote the recipe is cooking away and creating the food and you don’t have to wonder in the middle of the recipe what a certain term would mean. That would ruin the whole recipe reading fun.