Pregnancy Massage NJ


Women of all ages benefit from Massage Therapy. Studies conducted at major universities now confirm that Massage Therapy can lower blood pressure, help digestion, aid sleep patterns, lower substance P, and a whole lot more. For the pregnant women, or perinatal patient, Massage Therapy holds many other noteworthy benefits, among which are decreased pain and faster postpartum healing.

Women in New Jersey know what a good massage is. What we provide is better than that. Our LMTs are carefully chosen their ability, empathy, and professional attitude. And our Certified Prenatal Massage Therapists are among the top in the state, many of whom were trained personally by Carole Obsbourne herself, one of the creators of pregnancy massage in the United States. Pregnancy Massage in NJ is fairly new, only decades old.

In India, it is common practice for prenatal women to receive massage. This is called Japa, and is also performed for 40 days after giving birth. Carole Osbourne, and others, helped popularize prenatal massage, and bring it into medical acceptance. At one time, mothers in the US and Western nations held that their infants were delicate and could not be massaged. Even that is possible. They also believed that a new mother should rest and not be disturbed, let alone receive Therapeutic Massage! How wrong they were.

Now, we’re twenty years after the 90s, when Alternative Medicine really began taking hold of our nation. Prenatal Massage Therapy for women in New Jersey is something we take very seriously. Our therapists are competent and understand exactly how to help you recover with less pain and a greater sense of wellness.

Pregnancy Massage, a well as post-partum Massage Therapy, are activities that are both art and science. Each of our pregnancy massage therapists will travel to your New Jersey home or hotel, and each has their own style and techniques that is vastly different than the others, even with the same instructors.

Massage Therapy’s benefits for women do not begin at pregnancy and end once a new mom. In fact, from infancy to advanced age, women and girls can reap many health benefits from Therapeutic Massage, well beyond a chance to relax, which is in itself, an important, and all to rare, part of a balanced and health lifestyle.