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Goat Tape
The best fitness products are the ones that solve a common problem. Problem: most athletic tapes sucks—they peel easily, and don’t hold up to sweat. Two CrossFitters solved that when they created Goat Tape, an athletic tape that is far stickier and more sweat resistant than what your average lifting coach is used to. Use it to tape your palms for grip and protection (this is especially clutch if your gym doesn’t allow chalk), and your wrists for support.


Hylete Cross Training Short
Whether you’re powerlifting, running, or just getting after a balls-to-the-wall weight circuit, those baggy B-Ball shorts you rocked 24 hours a day in college just won’t cut it. Too much extra fabric, too much water retention, and too little, um, discretion when you’re in a compromising situation. These shorts solve all of those problems. They’re movement friendly, and their pockets are designed to securely fit a couple of cards and an iPhone. (Try adding a compression layer beneath them for even more comfort.)


Sol Republic Jax In-Ear Headphones
Want to really test an in-ear headphone? Sweat all over it, then do a bunch of box jumps. If it stays put and sounds good, it’s a winner. And by that measure, Sol Republic’s Jax in-ear headphones are the best we’ve tried. Besides passing the above tests with flying colors, its chord is flat, so it doesn’t tangle. What’s more, at just $40 a pop, when the combination of chalk, sweat, and tugs on the chord inevitably kill the music, you won’t mind buying another pair.


Oakley Flak Jacket
Long summer runs and rides require shades that kick glare, stay fixed to your face, and stay clear as you drip sweat everywhere. The lens on Oakley’s Flak Jacket was built to repel anything that comes towards it—from sweat and skin oils, to dust and debris. Perhaps more important: the glasses stay firmly in place and do it all while looking less 80s-robot-movie-ish than other specs in the fitness field.


GORUCK 32L Kit Bag
You could buy a gym bag that’s covered in low quality, flashy, odd-colored materials, zippers, and logos, all put together by overworked, underpaid laborers in a 102-degree sweat shop. Or you could buy this bag—which is bomb proof and all black everywhere, with the perfect amount of pockets, guaranteed for life, and made with 100% American components by skilled workers in an air conditioned shop in Missoula, Montana. Your call.


Body Wrench
When Men’s Health’s Fitness Advisor BJ Gaddour calls something “the most complete recovery and massage tool on the market today,” we listen. Indeed, Gaddour loves using the body wrench pre and post workout to knead his muscles, which in turn helps them recover quicker, and stay more mobile and injury-free. He finds it especially great for hitting the spinal column, glutes, and shoulders. You can even use it for exercises where you’d use a Valslide or abs-wheel.


Schwinn Airdyne
When it comes to doing hardcore cardio intervals, the Airdyne reigns supreme—meaning it will make you pour sweat like a faucet, and force your heart to pound like you’re being chased by a half-ton Grizzly Bear. That’s because wind resistance is exponential, so the harder you pedal, the harder it is to pedal. This generates a serious metabolic shock to your muscles and oxygen reserves. Our favorite workout is a one-minute all-out calorie burn test. Shoot to burn 55 calories in one minute. Then prepare not to be able to walk for a few minutes.


Reebok CrossFit Nano 2.0
Low profile trainers are all the rage at the gym these days. Indeed, most guys have caught onto the fact that they shouldn’t be lifting in super-cushy, ankle-elevating running shoes. And among trainers, Reebok’s version is tops. It’s consistently comfortable, can take a serious beating, and has a stable heel. What’s more, you can fully customize these kicks with words and colors to make them 100% your own.


Brooks Glycerin 11
This sneak runs like a fiberglass Cadillac—light and smooth. Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to find a higher performing, softer, sleeker ride for long runs.


Lululemon Metal Vent T-Shirt
This extremely comfortable t-shirt is made with Silverscent, a fabric that is anti-stink. The shirt also has vents in the areas where you sweat the most, which will keep you cool and fresh. That all means that you won’t smell like a barn animal if you happen to talk to that cute girl on the elliptical after your workout.


Timex IronMan Run Trainer 2.0
There are a lot of GPS enabled running watches hitting the market now. But we like the IronMan Run Trainer 2.0 because of it’s small size, user-friendliness, and ability to delve into deep data. In short, you can do something as simple as track how far you run with the push of two buttons, or get into some more advanced territory, like programing intervals with rest periods or syncing a heart rate monitor with the push of a couple more.


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