The Different Categories of Bodybuilding Supplements


The new millennium has seen a dramatic increase in the usage of supplementation by bodybuilders and those wishing to gain weight, helping them to attain the desired physical effects in a more drastic way and at a faster rate. It has almost come to the point now where there are so many different kinds of supplements available that a gym junkies choice lies not in whether to use supplements but which supplements to use and which ones are really required for their own personal needs.

Basically there are a few categories of bodybuilding supplements. Each of these play a certain role in the process of breaking down then building up those muscle tissues for the attainment of that perfect physique. The main categories are as follows:

Weight gaining supplements

Weight gainers are usually comprised of protein and carbs to help you stack on quick mass, both muscle and fat. The more advanced kinds come with amino acids that perform certain functions too but for the most part these supplements are simple powders containing the ingredients we know we need. I mean let’s face it, if you aren’t taking in huge amounts of protein generally in the form of a protein shake you probably shouldn’t be at the gym. For this reason this category of supplements unlike the others are essential assuming you are looking only to lose fat. You have to use a protein based weight gaining supplement unless you are eating like a swedish mountain goat.

Creatine based supplements

Creatine now is on the border of reaching a level of acceptance where it can be said that if you are training for strength and size, you NEED to be taking it. Numerous studies have now proven the benefits to both lean muscle mass and during workout energy levels through creatine supplementation. As a result creatine has become its own market of supplements as it is able to be purchased with your protein and carb formulas, combined with various amino acid chains to enhance effectiveness, in liquid, caplet or powdered form. While not necessary it is becoming a staple of more serious athletes.

Fat burners

The name is basically self explanatory here. These supplements are used by bodybuilders through the cutting down phase to reduce body fat levels while attempting to maintain an optimum level of muscle. These supplements are generally targeted to more hardcore bodybuilders and athletes as let’s face it, there are more skinny people wanting to be big than big muscly guys who want to lose some fat and get ripped. These supplements again are not essential but come available in diverse natures with varying benefits.

Supplements X

I call them supplements X because I really have no way to describe what this last category of supplements do. They are very new to the market because they have been being developed over the last 8, years as documentation suggests. Basically they are supplements different from all above as they actually act on biochemical processes within the body to cause muscle gaining, recovery enhancing, fatigue reducing, workout power boosting effect at rapid speeds that are seemingly unavailable through every day supplements. They are generally more expensive and taken only in tablet form but some examples of which being Muscletech’s Gakic or Leukic. These are not steroids although are shown to be anabolic compounds and hence very powerful.

Do your research and learn what supplements are correct for your needs but no matter what make sure you take action. With new technological advancements constantly occurring the increases in performance through supplementation is an advantage you can’t afford to miss out on.