Twin Lifestyles – Adjustments to One’s Lifestyle That Could Improve Your Pet’s Arthritis


When the bond between pet and owner has been fortified, both parties tend to live similar lifestyles. The case is usually that the pet’s condition, especially in cases when the pet is a canine, mimics or reflects that of the owner. For instance, you’d more likely see a fit canine with its athletic owner running or jogging early in the morning as opposed to a dog owned by a less active and often sedentary individual who would more likely be pudgy at the sides. The point is that somehow our lifestyles affect that of our pets and improving and revising our lifestyles may help keep our pets healthy.

Weight is a common health issue in both humans and animals because it not only adds to everyday joint wear and tear but poses a gamut of possibilities of other diseases that could plague you and or your pet. When it comes to joint health, obesity is a problem. Arthritis is a likely resultant of being overweight because more pressure is put on the joints with more weight. The cartilages in the joints are burdened more with every additional pound of weight in excess. The severity of the condition is due to the overlapping occurrences of factors such as weight, age, and lifestyle.

If you want to see improvements in your pet’s condition, start with yourself. You need not be a full-time athlete to be a good pet owner. If you are more of a couch potato then you seriously need to make some adjustments. Start out with making time to perform some physical activity at least 3 days a week and gradually build up to 5-6 days a week. A walk around the neighborhood for 20 minutes is a good start. Biking, jogging, and swimming are other options. As you go along, you will find that the more you get used to regular exercise, the more addictive it becomes and you’ll eventually find yourself wanting to exercise everyday. You may take your pet with you every time you exercise and have him or her do the same exercises whichever you and your vet have deemed fit. Alongside incorporating regular exercise into your and your pet’s lifestyle, to make sure to keep the extra weight off and manage a healthy weight, include a manageable nutritious diet. Try reducing the intake of fat and sugars and emphasize on the intake of healthy food groups.

Dietary supplements such as Flexicose Liquid JointCare for Pets may be included in your pet’s diet to treat arthritis and other joint ailments. Flexicose comes in liquid form which makes it easier for you to administer to your pet. It can either be taken as it is or it can be mixed with your pet’s food. Flexicose Liquid Glucosamine is a healthy addition to the diet of any arthritis sufferer because it consists of an excellent formulation of vitamins and minerals and ingredients that work synergistically to improve joint health such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Regular and consistent monitoring of exercise and food intake helps maintain your pets’ metabolism. Remember that the body, both humans and pets, has its limitations. Moderation in diet and exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle for you and your pet.