Wood Ranch: BBQ & Grill


Serves up Delicious Dishes in Cerritos

Two decades ago, a wood ranch BBQ & Grill branch opened at the Ventura Freeway in Agoura hills. It became wildly popular. The locals were astonished at the taste of real wood barbecue.

It was notable for the smell of wood smoke and meat coming from the freeway. You could almost hear it calling you to slow down truly lemonade and get to the next exit. There was a two hour wait to get a table at weekends, which seemed Sadler Health to be the case for many. However, no one complained. The tri-tip that was awaiting them was well worth the wait.

Wood Ranch is Growing

Wood Ranch has become a popular destination for Texas-style barbecue at local shopping centers over the years. There’s a branch at the sprawling Cerritos Towne Center that houses the Cerritos Center of the Performing Arts. Claim Jumpers was the first place that Claim Jumpers would go. Wood Ranch has seen a lot of growth in both what offers and our appreciation for their food and drinks.

A great place to get smoked meats and beans as well as a sophisticated cocktail. The Cadillac Margarita is made from Cabo Wabo Rede, while the Old Fashioned is made out of Maker’s Mark Bourbon. There’s also a Smokin’ Mary with Ketel One Vodka and smoked bacon, as well as a grilled jalapeno. You can also find alcohol delivery a beer list that shows respect for craft beers, which is served on draft. If you like, you can also wash your ribs down with La Crema Chardonnay.

Wood Ranch has always been a beautiful place. Houston’sfood is down-home, OK, sophisticated down home American. But the restaurant is perfect for a family dinner, with in-laws and even the boss. There has been growth, as I mentioned. Although it may not be the same place we used to expect a Tuscan Kale Salad, it is now.

Wood Ranch is a Meat-Centric Restaurant

Wood Ranch is a meat-centric restaurant that smokes long enough to make it tender and sweet. It literally falls off the bones. Tri-tip has been my favorite cut of meat, and it’s a tender cut that barbecue enthusiasts either love or hate. Some argue that brisket is the best meat to smoke, while others believe that tri-tip is better than brisket.

Wood Ranch Offers

Wood Ranch offers a variety of sauces. The sweet-tangy Carolina sauce is my favorite, but the more vinegary Carolina sauce is also available. There are two habanero-peaches and a chipotlecherry for those who prefer heat (though they may overwhelm the meat).